Remember, buying a home is all about you. So build a team around you and your family that you can trust.

It’s time to buy a home.

The recent influx of new residents to the Portland Metro Area sent the price and demand for rentals soaring up. If you financially plan for it, owning a home can be less expensive than renting. And I still believe that now that we are out of the economic recession.

Why bother with the stress of buying a home when it’s easier to rent?

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    Live Happier

    Be a proud home owner and live the American dream. It’s been shown that homeowners are happier and have a stronger sense of fulfillment.

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    Smart Spending

    Stop putting money into the hands of a landlord. Invest in your future and pad your retirement with your own home.

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    Tax Deductions

    You can deduct mortgage interest as well as your property taxes. Uncle Sam doesn’t give a break to renters.

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    Creative Control

    So you want to knock out a wall to open up some space? The place is yours, let your creative juices flow.

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    Retire Right

    It’s likely that if this is your first home you’ll have it paid off by retirement. You’ll be able to tap into your home equity and reap the rewards of all your hard work.

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    When you pay a mortgage, you increase your degree of ownership in your home with each payment. You can also borrow against your equity in the home to pay for major purchases or refinancing your home for a better interest rate.

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