Why Bother Buying a Home?

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Smart Buyers Model

1. Hire a good real estate agent
– It is a realtor’s full time job to help you get into the right home, make sure they do it.
– Communication and setting expectations for what you want is key.

2. Choose the right lender that will find you the best program for your needs
– Have a lender that is your advocate, not just another paperwork file.
– Don’t pigeon hole yourself into one of the big box banks.

3. See eye to eye with your team, LITERALLY
– Make sure that you have met in person with the realtor to talk about your needs and timeline and the lender to go over your financials.

4. Make a plan
– Have everyone on the same page as to what you are looking for, where, when and for how much.
– This will build trust and cohesion between everyone.

5. Manage Your Mindset
– Trust the process through the whole transaction.
– In negotiations, the least emotional parties, usually have the most control.

Remember, buying a home is all about you. So build your team around you that you trust.

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