Home Buying Struggle in this Market

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Meet the Davis family. They have been burned out and tired from looking for houses since November…cammmm

The reasons they haven’t been able to buy a house in the five months we have been working together is not from lack of effort; they had three different homes that accepted our offer, but had to back out during the home inspection process. Their struggle is a combination of all the factors that first time homebuyers are facing in this market.

– They can afford to buy a house between $250k and $300k for a home, and there is a lack of available homes in that price point with lots of competition.

– The dream of having a home with character and charm usually comes with foundation problems and leaky pipes.

– Buying a place now with multiple uses in the future (finish a basement for an ADU, have an in home daycare, use as a rental property) can cause the Davis’ to get bogged down when they need to make a quick decision.

My advice for other people before going through this same struggle is to have a plan in place on what is realistic to purchase, value a well-built home with a boring interior more than a fixer upper with character, and finally, plan on the first home only being for 5-7 years, then you can get your forever home.

Now the question is, who do you know that house a home in Southeast, Northeast, Oregon City or Milwaukie that would sell to the Davis Family? I mean look how cute the baby boy is!!!



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