It takes only three steps to sell a home. Trust me – that’s it.

It couldn’t be more simple.

  • Connector.

    Walk in the buyers shoes.

    Abandon your personal point of view. Look at your house from the home buyer in your area would too. Buyers don’t care how much you paid for the home, what upgrades you made, or how much time you put into the landscaping. They are just comparing the home against all the other similar ones on the market.

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    Get an honest agent.

    Get a comparable market analysis from your agent with homes that have sold in the past six months. Active home prices can be considered, but they will end up selling for above or below the list price and skew your data. Remember you want an honest opinion; not an agent that will suggest a high price to get you to list the house with them, then demand a price reduction in 30 days.

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    Be flexible and have fun.

    Some buyers are looking for more than just the price. Flexible and creative terms for closing or personal property could maximize your chances of completing the transaction with more money in your pocket. Making sure the transaction closes is the reason you wanted to sell in the first place right?

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